Taxi Driver Testing

taxi2Your cab or HGV licence is essential for your work. It is your living!

At Wood Street Clinic we understand its importance to you.
Over many years our Consultant Cardiologists have looked after cab and other professional drivers. They have great experience in providing the detailed, rapid, accurate, heart assessments increasingly demanded by the carriage office and DVLA.

When assessing the fitness of taxi drivers the Licensing Authority is guided by the DVLA Group 2 Medical Standards. You can see the details at - They are in section 2 of this document.

The most common tests required are

  • Treadmill Exercise Testing
  • Echocardiography to assess the heart's performance

Both of these can be easily and conveniently arranged at Wood Street Clinic.

The current special prices for Taxi drivers are

  • Exercise testing £189
  • Echocardiography £209

If both tests are required then the combined price is £368 - a further saving of £30!

In some cases TFL require

  • Functional testing (Stress Echocardiography)

 We are able to arrange this at the special low price of £499.

Charges include preparation of the required reports for the Public Carriage Office (London Taxi and Private Hire, Transport For London)

Payment by Cash / Visa / MasterCard not Amex.

Different arrangements apply to tests requested directly by the DVLA eg for HGV drivers. These are usually directly paid for by the DVLA.

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