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The Wood Street Clinic

The Wood Street Clinic has been established in Barnet Hertfordshire for over 25 years.

The Wood Street clinic provides medical services to patients living in North and Outer London as well as Hertfordshire. The Clinic began by providing medical services for patients with female medical problems.

The Wood Street Clinic later developed a range of medical services including cardiology, rheumatology and provided facilities for physiotherapy and other treatments. In more recent years The Wood Street Clinic has developed an extensive range of tests for patients with various forms of heart disease including ischaemic heart disease, angina and cardiac rhythm disturbances.

As well as providing specialist cardiology services The Wood Street Clinic has physicians specialising in General Medicine and Rheumatology.

More recently The Wood Street clinic has welcomed Black Cab taxi drivers from London and elsewhere as well as other professional drivers such as HGV and Bus drivers who require specialist heart tests for licensing purposes.